Alex Nassour – Art Director

Design Diary

This is a running journal of my mini creative adventures between briefs. 

Last Second Mural for Glenn Cole & Fast Company


I was simultaneously honored and freaked out when I learned that Glenn Cole (co-founder of 72andSunny) wanted me to make him a mural that had to print in two days for a Fast Company event that he was keynoting in New York.

The brief was simple, make the word Optimism look cool. 

I tried as many things as possible given the short window of time between sleep and my existing work. And if that wasn't enough pressure, he said "Hey, let's have David Carson look these over." I'm like, oh, you mean one of the most important graphic designers in the last 10 years ? Sure, no big deal. 

Thankfully David was kind to me and we landed on this design:


Glenn was also stoked. We even made a bunch of stickers that can be found, stuck on the backs of laptops across 72LA, 72NYC and Fast Company.


Here's a little process GIF:

Alex Nassour