Alex Nassour – Art Director

Design Diary

This is a running journal of my mini creative adventures between briefs. 

Not Today Satan


I had the distinct pleasure of participating in a group art show / silent auction called Personal Space. All the artists were local 72 folks. The proceeds of this show went to four organizations that seek to expand and diversify the creative class. Also, there was free alcohol. 

I made this poster for it:



Set Up Process

Print making process

Getting these posters printed was a last minute hail Mary shit show. Between unaligned schedules, late nights at work, flakey agreements with not-so-reliable printers, and the harsh reality of buying supplies, I honestly didn't think I was going to get these printed. But we did it. I was so stoked to make the deadline that I had to document the whole process:  

The Final Product

These posters were a limited run of 35 prints. Each one was very different because I wanted one design to transform based on the variety of paper stocks, ink colors, and combinations. No two posters were ever alike. Each one is signed and editioned by me.

Alex Nassour