Alex Nassour – Art Director

Moving Pixels



From time to time, I like to animate the things that I create. Whether it be type experiments or poster concepts, making things move is a secret past time of mine. 


Some smart person (Khalil Gibran) said "pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding" and then Carl Jung was like "yea dude, that's right" and then I'm like "here's some type, tho" 

There is growth in pain


Grand Budapest Hotel Poster

When I had more free time, I used to reimagine movie posters for films that I liked, most of them were meh except for this one that I animated.  


When inside jokes go a lil' too far

This is what happens when you mix free time with after effects. 


Thought this was too funny.

The Ol' Half the Peace Sign