Travelers of Tripadvisor 

When you’re traveling there’s some questions google can’t answer.


Agency – Mother NY
Production – Ars Thanea 
Creatives – Alex Nassour, Caroline Ekrem, Christine Petrosky, Brennen Cooke
Creative Director – Avi Baliga

Happy Human Mother’s Day 

Human moms ground their kids.
Animal moms feed their kids poop. 

Narrated by Martin Starr 

Agency – Mother NY
Starring – Martin Starr
Post – Final Cut NY
Creatives – Alex Nassour & Alex Maleski
Creative Director – Erik Norin


Life’s not perfect,
Life’s Good

Life’s bumps aren’t so hard when you plan for them.

Director – Matt Lenski
Agency – 72andSunny
Creatives – Alex Nassour & Matt Garcia   
Creative Directors – Adam Koppel & Albriton Robbins

Stella Artois
X  NYFW  ‘19

We created a pocket centric clothing line to inspire people to look up for a moment and enjoy New York Fashion Week ‘19.

Introducing Les Haute Pockets.

Custom Fits

Real garments by the amazing fashion designer: Beth Anne Caples. 

Process Art

Agency – Mother New York
– Will Kaner
Collection Design – Beth Anne Caples
Creatives – Alex Nassour & Alex Maleski 
Creative Directors – Pepe Funegra & Paul Malmstrom
Image Director – Teng Phour



Valentine's Day shouldn’t only be about couples. 

So we gave the singles of reddit a chance to print out their ex-lovers and watch them shred live.


Don’t worry, all those shredded lovers (and dickbutts) became recycled litter so kittens and puppies could poop on them.


Agency Mckinney
— Josh Sliffe & Austin Simmon 
Creatives — Alex Nassour & Dylan Meagher
Creative Director — Owen Tingle, Jordan Eakin, & David Sloan
Producer — Nick Brenton

©2020 Alex Nassour — LA & NYC
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