Travelers of Tripadvisor 

When travelers can’t travel, they talk about it on tripadvisor.

These are some of the best stories we found. 

15s Spots

Agency – Mother New York
Production – Ars Thanea 
Creatives – Alex Nassour, Caroline Ekrem, Christine Petrosky, Brennen Cooke
Creative Director – Avi Baliga

Happy Human Mother’s Day 

Human moms ground their kids.
Animal moms feed their kids poop. 

Narrated by Martin Starr  

Starring – Martin Starr
Production Co – Daughter 
Post – Final Cut NY
Agency – Mother New York
Creatives – Alex Nassour & Alex Maleski
Creative Director – Erik Norin


Life’s not perfect,
Life’s Good

We brought a little life into the stocky world of fridges & washing machines.

Director – Matt Lenski
Production Co – Arts & Science
Agency – 72andSunny
Creatives – Alex Nassour & Matt Garcia   
Creative Directors – Adam Koppel & Albriton Robbins


Black Mother’s Green Book

In New York, Black birthing people are 12x more likely to die when giving birth. 

In an homage to Victor Green’s original Green Book (which originally guided Black folx to safe places while traveling) we created this book for Black birthing people navigating child birth in 2021. 

Link for more information

Partner – Irth App
Agency – Mother New York
Creatives – Alex Nassour, Caroline Ekrem, Lia Khayami, Diana Casthart (more tbd)
Creative Director – Erik Norin

Stella Artois
Les Haute Pockets

New York's Fashion Week is one of the most phone centric moments of the entire year. So we decided to infiltrate this week by making our own fashion collection and a series of insane ads to help people pocket their phones and enjoy this week in fashion.

Custom Fits

We actually made these clothes with the amazing fashion designer: Beth Anne Caples. 


Director – Will Kaner
Collection Design – Beth Anne Caples
Production Co – Daughter NY 
Agency – Mother New York
Creatives – Alex Nassour & Alex Maleski 
Creative Directors – Pepe Funegra & Paul Malmstrom
Image Director – Teng Phour

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